My all time list of video games and consoles, as per usual in no specific order or preference, from Pong to Skyrim.


Sonic 1, 2 & 3 [2] (sega megadrive)

Football Manager series [18] (pc)

Frontier Elite series [Elite Dangerous] (amiga)

Zool (amiga)

Chase h q (spectrum 48k)

Renegade (spectrum 48k)

Double dragon (spectrum 48k)

Final fight (spectrum 48k)

Super monkey ball (dreamcast)

Crazy taxi (dreamcast)

Oblivion (360/ps3)

Chu chu rocket (dreamcast)

Skyrim (360/ps3)

Tetris (hand-helds) [app] (psp)

Total anilation (pc)

Baldurs gate (pc)

California games (atari lynx)

Toy commander (dreamcast)

Streets of rage 123 [2] (sega megadrive)


ZX Spectrum series (48k)

Commodore amiga [1200]

Commodore series [vic 20]

Sega megadrive

Sega dreamcast

Sony playstation 3

Microsoft xbox & xbox 360

Sony psp [1000]

Atari lynx [II]