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Artistically speaking communication is sadly overzealous for software manipulation and criminally low on creative flair. The alarming fact; creativity is completely software led! Concept and content will always better reflect creativity over implementation in the latest programs. I'm pro technology on grounds of usage as a tool and not as a source or pretence for lack of creativity! I believe in simplicity, bold graphics, white space and all things concept; paper, pencil and rubber aka Herb Lubalin.

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I loved cartoons growing up and I continue to love cartoons specifically eighties cartoons. I have no time for current subjects! My beloved list of cartoons in no specified order:

The Transformers - a greatest of all time, genius.

Top Cat - a greatest of all time, the greatest cat man has known.

Jonny Quest - i lost hours if not days.

Thundercats - a greatest of all time, cooler than cool.

Johnny Bravo - unique.

The Centurions - i love the 80’s.

M.A.S.K. - i love the 80’s.